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QuickSmart Numeracy focuses on understanding and recall of basic number facts, performance of elementary calculations, acquisition of appropriate mathematics language, and problem-solving skills. The primary aim of QuickSmart is for the students to develop automaticity.

From Year 4, students who are experiencing difficulties or delays in their learning of numerical skills may be referred by the classroom teacher to participate in the QuickSmart Numeracy intervention program. Following initial testing, if a student is accepted into the QuickSmart program, they will be withdrawn from class three times per week for a thirty-minute lesson. They will work with the QuickSmart Instructor, paired with another student.

Each QuickSmart session comprises a number fact focus, flashcard fluency, speed sheets, work books, CAAS (computer component) problem solving and games. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are covered in the QuickSmart lessons. Each process begins simply and moves onto a higher level each time the child achieves a skill.