digital technologies


At Scoresby Primary School, Digital Technologies (DigiTech) enables data to be digitally processed, stored and communicated. Our staff and students utilise DigiTech to access, process, manage and present information; model and control events; construct new understanding; and communicate with others.

Digital pedagogies are integrated throughout the curriculum to facilitate quality learning. Digital Technologies enables the support of personalised and authentic learning and is the vehicle for learning experiences to be broadened and deepened.

We provide our students with the tools to transform their learning and to enrich their learning environment. The knowledge, skills and behaviours that we aim to develop in our students are to:

Our focus with DigiTech is on the task to be accomplished rather than on the technology that students are using to do the work. Through the selection and application of appropriate equipment, techniques and procedures, students process data and information skilfully to create information products in forms that are meaningful for themselves and their audience. These products effectively demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the concepts, issues, relationships and processes that are the subject of the task.

Students are provided with tools and strategies to monitor learning patterns and problem solving strategies. This provides a sound foundation for transforming personal learning. They gain an understanding of Internet protocols and strategies for exchanging information, which enables them to share and challenge their own and other people’s ideas and solutions with a global audience.