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happy handwriting

happy handwriting

Handwriting has an important role from early childhood through to our adult lives, it still remains an important skill for communication.

Legible writing that can be produced comfortably, at speed and with little conscious effort allows a child to attend to the higher-level aspects of writing composition and content. This is important when assessments are based on written work, particularly in time-limited written examinations, which remain a major form of assessment for many formal qualifications.

For this reason Scoresby Primary School runs Happy Handwriting sessions for students who have been identified in benefiting from additional support in this area.

The focus of the sessions include, pencil grip, letter formation, correct letter placement, building writing stamina and fine motor strengthening activities.

Students are withdrawn from classes to work with 2 integration aides- Julie Harris and Tracey Raymer. Tracey and Julie come with a wealth of integration experience and have been working with children for many years at Scoresby PS. Both have attended many OT sessions with students as an integration aide, and have been in classrooms assisting students to improve these vital skills.

The Happy Handwriting sessions will be conducted at the end of the 1 /2 building and will be held on